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5 Tips For Creating A Content Calendar

Creating A Content Calendar

If you’re not using a content calendar, you’re probably either missing huge opportunities or over-stressing yourself. Yikes. We don’t want that for you and you likely don’t want that for yourself. Let’s do something about that.

A content calendar helps you to plan, organize and schedule the content you will publish online. This content includes your blog posts, social media, newsletters, videos, podcasts, everything. Content creates traffic, engagement and leads, so you have to get it right.

By planning your content out, you can be more strategic with what you publish and when to leverage the content to generate the most leads.


Set your monthly and quarterly goals

Are your goals for next month to grow your email list to a certain number of subscribers? To launch a new course? Set your goals for the month and the quarter so you can plan your content to promote those goals.


Categorize your content

Take a look at your social media and blog. Which types of content were the most successful? Do you get a lot of engagement from your Quotes? Videos? Behind The Scenes? Evaluate these types of content and create your categories based on these.

A few examples:

-Blog Posts

-Behind The Scenes



-Tips & Tricks

-Contests & Giveaways

-Guest Posts



Which of these categories is the one you focus on most and deliver the best content through? For us, it’s blog posts, but for you it may be different. This is your main category.


Set the routine

You should be publishing content to your main category (Your blog, YouTube Channel or Podcast) at least 1-2 per week.

For social media, it will depend on the platform and experimenting with your audience. A good rule of thumb for most platforms is 1-3 posts per day. It’s also important to make sure that you’re providing as much value as promotion. You don’t want all of your content to be self serving. Your business exists to serve your audience and customers, so make sure you do.


Choose your calendar format

It’s important that you choose a format for your content calendar that will work for you and you will stay consistent with. It’s different for everyone, but here are some popular methods we or our clients have used.

-Paper calendars

-Editorial Calendar



-Google Calendar



Schedule your content

Now that you’ve created your categories and chosen your format, you’re ready to schedule your content on your calendar. Start by adding your goals to your calendars, then import your main category pieces, then finally add in the rest of your content. Once all of your content is on the calendar, add in your social media posts. Once everything is on your calendar, evaluate the calendar and make sure everything lines up with promoting your goals. Don’t be afraid to be flexible and make changes as you go.

With some of these tools, like Editorial Calendar (we love this tool), you can click and drag to move content and also edit your content directly from your calendar.

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