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How To Choose The Perfect Business Name


How to choose the perfect business name

When starting your own business, choosing a business name can feel like the first major roadblock to entrepreneurship. You want it to be perfect, so your new business can start off on the right foot. 

Oftentimes your company name will be the first glimpse potential customers have of your business. Choosing the right business name can help build immediate trust, understanding of your services and give potential customers a feel for your business’ personality.

On the other hand, the wrong business name could confuse potential customers, scare them away or give a bad first impression. Since you’re here looking for advice, i’m going to assume you’re smart enough not to make that mistake. (Please prove me right. I love being right.)


When choosing your business name, consider these tips:

First, decide what you want the name to say about your business.

We find the easiest way to decide is to work backward. Develop a mission statement first, so you know what elements are most important to your brand image and business voice.


Don’t limit yourself.

For example, if your business name includes a location or a specific product, it may be difficult to expand to new locations or product lines without confusing your customers.


Your name should reflect your ideal customer as much as it reflects your business.

Ask yourself what words invoke the feeling you want your customers to have while working with you. What do your customers want from working with you? What will they be searching for on Google?


Choose a name that will work for a website URL.

Try not to pick a long name that will be hard to remember or type into a browser. The name should be easy to remember and spell. Also, keep in mind that the URL will not have spaces, so pay attention to how to words combine to avoid awkward mash ups.

Ex: The word ‘As’ followed by a word starting with the letter ‘S’ (Probably not what you want clients to remember you for)


Be creative, but meaningful.

The words you use don’t have to exist already. Using small words to create a larger word that does not yet exist or mashing up words is common practice. Though the new words technically have no definition, the meaning is implied.

Ex: Aspiher: We chose our business name because we wanted to work with aspiring female entrepreneurs. The word ‘aspire’ combined with ‘her’ when pronounced sounds almost identical to ‘aspire’ and also clearly states our intentions.


Check availability.

Check to make sure your new business name is not trademarked using TESS, the Trademark Electronic Search System and Search to make sure the domain name (website URL) is available (preferably the top level domain, TLD, .com for a corporate business or .org for a non-profit)

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect business name, you’ll want to register your business and buy your domain name before they are taken. 


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