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How To Write An Addictive Welcome Email Sequence

Welcome Email Series

First impressions are everything. You’ve probably heard it your whole life. You’ve probably also been overwhelmed by the flooded email inbox and the desire to unsubscribe from them all. These are two very important reasons you need a Welcome Email Sequence that keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

You want your welcome email sequence to be spread out over 1-2 weeks and send 5-7 emails total.

Each email you send to your list should include exclusive and useful content that cannot be found on your website. They are rewarded with exclusive content for being a part of your email list. You should also always make sure there is information about your company or yourself, so that you can build a relationship and trust with your users.

First, we recommend outlining your email sequence and writing each of the emails content in Microsoft Word, Google Documents or your preferred application.

Once you have it outlined, create your new Welcome Email Sequence campaign in your email marketing platform. (If you are not already using an email marketing platform, we recommend starting here instead)


The Introduction Email

The first email you send to a new subscriber should send immediately after they sign up.

This email should introduce the user to your brand and deliver any freebie or content that was offered as an opt in.Try to keep it short and sweet.

Paragraph 1

Welcome them to your community and thank them for joining.

Paragraph 2

Provide information about you and your brand, so they know what your business is about, why they should trust you and how to follow you on social media.

Paragraph 3

Set the expectations for what type of content and frequency they should expect from your emails.

Paragraph 4

Remind them to whitelist your email address so you don’t end up in spam or junk.

Paragraph 5

Lead them to linked relevant content on your website.

Paragraph 6

Encourage engagement by asking a question that they can reply to. This can help you plan for future blog posts or content ideas.

Paragraph 7

End the email with a teaser of what is coming so that they engage with upcoming content. This is called a curiosity loop.


The Email That Provides Value

After ending the first email with a curiosity loop, you have to deliver value. The day after you initial welcome email, you can send the second email to provide them with a tool or resource that will help them resolve a problem that is common among your target audience. Try to keep it simple, but valuable, so they can easily achieve it and feel accomplished.


The Email That Connects You

A day or two after the value email, send your third email. This email should tell users more about your company, you and your values. The content should tell a story about a specific struggle and how you overcame it. The problem you solved should be relatable to your target audience and even offer them insight about how to overcome the same or a similar problem. This makes you human, inspires them and proves that you understand them.


The Email that Provides More Value

3 days later, send an email that provides even more value with another resource or solution. You can point them toward a popular blog post, provide a pdf or introduce them to an email challenge. This email is a surprise, which makes them feel special and shows them that you didn’t just do the bare minimum and then forget about them.


The Nudge Email

2-3 days after the last email, send an email that nudges the user toward your end goal product or service. This email should hint at your end value and why they want it without asking for the sale. You will have links to your offer, but never make the offer in the email.


The Pitch Email

This email goes out a day after your Nudge Email and should pitch your end goal or product. This email should create urgency or be time sensitive. If they act on time, they should get something of value – a discount or a bonus of some type.


The Secondary Pitch Email

This email should go out 2-3 days after your pitch email and offer a cheaper product or service. If the user already purchased from your pitch email, this item would be an add on value. If they didn’t purchase your main product or service, this is a cheaper alternative that will keep the engaged and hopefully get them hooked on your services so they upgrade next time.


Optional: Some like to end their welcome sequence with a survey or an email asking for opinions. The data you collect from this can help you to improve your welcome email sequence or to create new content and products.

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